Simon Moore Creative Director

Over the last 14 years I’ve been lucky enough to work for some of London’s top design agencies and brands, dealing with a wide range of high-profile clients such as Nike, Liberty, The Liberal Democrats, Universal and PlayStation as a designer and latterly Creative Director. Throughout my career I’ve always enjoyed the collaborative side of my job and love working with the likes of photographers, illustrators, stylists and designers, however I’ve always felt an underlying frustration about how needlessly hard, imprecise and time-consuming it was to find the right people to work with.

After setting up my own agency, Baby, this frustration only got worse. In 2011 - after spending the best part of a week going slowly insane trying to find the right photographer for a particular project, being surrounded by hundreds of books and magazines, having about 10 different websites open on my screen at any one time, and successfully irritating most of my friends with an endless stream of phone calls - I decided to do something about it.

After initial discussions with my friends at morphlondon we talked about the best way to solve this problem, and together formed The Creative Directory to preserve the sanity of people like me all over the world.

Lee Harrison Business Development Manager

In the days before computers, Internet, mobile phones... the wheel, etc., I started my creative career in the darkroom of a small design studio in Clerkenwell. The creative industry has changed immeasurably since those heady days and now travels at light speed by comparison.

After working freelance for the major agencies I eventually set up my own studio in Carnaby Street, during this time I found myself focusing on business development. This was something I thoroughly enjoyed and I ended up leaving the creative side for a while to, amongst other things, promote projects for UK cities and launch national charity campaigns.

My happiest days, however, were always within the creative world, and over the last few years I've been lucky enough to combine my experience in both creative and business development by working for agencies whose clients spanned the major brands in the fashion industry. During this time I was introduced to The Creative Directory and instantly saw its huge potential.

Lorène Duquesne Editor

I have always had an urge to discover and explore different professional areas, absorbing like a sponge everything the numerous interesting people around me would give away. From the high fashion & lifestyle magazines where I was simultaneously an interviewer, a writer and a managing editor, to Hermès' Special Orders department in Paris, I enjoyed finding imaginative solutions to everything that came my way.

After moving to London and working in the editorial department at Dazed & Confused I met the team at The Creative Directory, my attention being drawn to the potential of a powerful insight expressed in the most simple and effective way. I guess that my knowledge and passion for the creative industry as well as my enthusiasm for fluorescent yellow made the Editor position and I a perfect match. In fact I feel quite close to TCD's emblematic search bar, since I am also constantly looking for something - an idea, a word, an expression. And I unconditionally love it.

Karen Hodkinson Consultant

I have worked in magazine publishing for over 10 years. Throughout the 2000s, I was at i-D magazine where I learned the ropes of magazine production before becoming managing editor from 2004 to 2009. I then moved to Tatler where I held the same position. Working closely with the editorial and art departments, I had to make sure the magazine was always produced on time, seeing the magazine through conceptual stage to when it gets on the newsstand.

Part of the job of a managing editor has always been troubleshooting and problem solving, from sorting out a hair and make-up person to finding a photographer for shoots. Quite often at the last minute. So when I found out about The Creative Directory, I immediately recognised that it can be a indispensable tool for art directors and picture editors and was hugely excited to get involved.